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Handheld, Powerful, Detection.
DetectaChem manufactures the Seeker line of handheld explosive detectors and handheld drug detectors.  Located in Houston, Texas USA, DetectaChem is a leading global provider of portable trace detection technology for both government and civilian applications. 

When the mission calls for both drug and explosive detection in one unit, the Seeker MDU is the answer. This dual purpose detector has the benefits of both the Seeker XDU explosive detector and the benefits of the Seeker DDU drug detector in one compact unit. The Seeker MDU is the only automated colorimetric detector that detects both explosives and drugs. This gives the operator more capability, more flexibility, and a much more powerful tool at their disposal.
Small in size and packed with features, the Seeker XDU explosive detector is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a portable trace explosive detector that fits in the palm of your hand.  The Seeker XDU utilizes automated colorimetric detection technology to alert the user to the presence of trace amounts of explosive compounds.  It takes just seconds for the explosive test to be completed giving the operator real-time results that can save lives.  In the world of bomb detection, seconds matter. 
Whether referred to as drugs or narcotics, there is a growing need for handheld, field deployable, and reliable detectors to combat illegal drug and narcotic activities. The Seeker DDU gives the user proven colorimetric drug detection in a small, easy-to-use, and portable detector. The revolutionary method of drug detection allows the operator to screen and detect both bulk and trace amounts of an illegal substance. Trace drug detection provides the operator additional capability and aids in search and seizure missions.
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