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MobileDetect Pouch from DetectaChem brings presumptive drug field testing to the masses. These next generation field drug test kits were designed to allow for trace and bulk detection by using the integrated swab and proven colorimetric reagents. The MobileDetect Pouch is a cost effective and powerful tool for presumptive drug detection. The pouch can be used on its own or with the MobileDetect App for automated detection.

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MobileDetect Pouches


MobileDetect greatly streamlines the traditional field testing process. This flow chart starts with our Multi-Drug Test and branches through other drug detection pouch offerings.

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A Variety of Substance Detection

MobileDetect Pouch allows for presumptive identification for a large number of drugs and substances outlined by the DEA as drugs of concern according to the drug scheduling.

DetectaChem is constantly expanding MobileDetect Pouch offerings to keep up with the evolving detection needs for substances and drugs on the streets. MobileDetect Pouches offer preliminary detection for:

Title Description
Technology Automated Colorimetrics
Sampling Removable Swab for acquiring sample or particulate
Sample Type Non-Visible and Bulk
Substances Detected Contact DetecaChem for latest list of detected substances.
Operation Easy to follow operation consisting of 3 steps: Swab, Crush, and View Results. Detailed instructions supplied with pouches or found on the MobileDetect App.
Automated Detection Automated Detection and Reporting with MobileDetect App on iOS and Android.

Mobiledetect Pouch Operating Manual Rev 1 6

Legality Overview

Mobiledetect Datasheet