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DetectaChem Joins the Government Training Institute Asset Trading Program

Stafford, Texas – May 10, 2019

DetectaChem Inc. is proud to announce their partnership with the Government Training Institute and their Asset Trading Program. The program allows all Federal, State and Local law enforcement agencies to trade in unused or old equipment for new products and technologies such as DetectaChem’s drug and explosive detection products.

The Government Training Institute created the Asset Trading Program to benefit underfunded law enforcement agencies by utilizing their forfeited-seized assets and surplus equipment to provide funds for drug and explosive detection test kits, Department of Homeland Security training courses, specialty and patrol vehicles, firearms and more. Items available to trade include unused drug and explosive test kits, surplus vehicles, ammo, weapons and other confiscated items. The unique Asset Trading Program exists to provide needed products to ensure officer and community safety without using money from strained budgets.

DetectaChem is the premier provider of drug and explosive detection technologies for the Asset Trading Program. The MobileDetect app and drug testing pouches are a popular replacement for old fashioned legacy field drug tests. The Multi Drug Test can detect residue and trace amounts of Fentanyl, Heroin, Cocaine, Meth, MDMA/Ecstasy and more in a single low-cost pouch. The free MobileDetect app is used to scan the test pouch and provides automated detection results, picture-taking capabilities, GPS mapping and more. For bomb squads and SWAT teams, the SEEKERe handheld explosive detector can be acquired. The SEEKERe can detect trace amounts of military grade explosives, HME materials, precursors and more.

DetectaChem and the Government Training Institute take pride in being able to provide this unique program to help our law enforcement officers acquire the products they need.

About DetectaChem Inc. DetectaChem is a Texas, USA-based privately-held company and manufacturer of rapidly deployable, handheld, intelligent, and easy-to-operate detection systems deployed globally. DetectaChem is proud to be a strong supporter of the U.S. military, law enforcement and all first responders that protect our country. More information at www.DetectaChem.com.

Greg Giuntini

Brian Naillon
Government Training Institute


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